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Web development can be a daunting task for any business. The ever-changing success matrix
and technology surrounding the craft can make it a full-time job for any successful

Many creative and strategy focused agencies do not involve web developers until after they have
ironed out the web design with the client first. Buzzbizz Creative utilizes a team of in-house
experts in marketing strategy, graphic design, and digital marketing strategy to deliver
effective websites for our clients.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Mobile responsive design and coding are not the latest and greatest in the ever-evolving landscape of web development, but they are now the most important elements of any website, new or old. Data consumption on the Internet using mobile devices has surpassed that of desktop personal computers and Laptops put together. If your site is missing this crucial element, please keep reading and get a hold of us as soon as possible. Your business will thank you for it.

What is Mobile Responsive Design?

While 91% of all consumers of the internet still use a PC or laptop, 80% own a smartphone and every one of them access the internet with it. 47% of Internet consumers use tablets and 37% use game consoles. As of 2015, only 45% of users access the internet with screens equal to or greater than 1280 X 800 pixels. This leaves over half of the screens used to access the Internet left out of standard web design.

Mobile responsive design is so important today that in April of 2015 Google started to heavily penalize websites that lack mobile responsive coding. This is a direct response to headlines in 2014 stating that mobile traffic is on course to overtake fixed internet access. To say it is time to upgrade your website to have a more mobile responsive feature is an understatement. The process does not have to be painful if you use a reputable web developer who has extensive experience in retrofitting static websites to web responsive.

Case Studies of Websites We’ve Upgraded

Case Study 1

This long-standing leader in local delivery came to us looking to update the look of their site while not disrupting their current back end scheduling programs. Our approach was to create a new edgy feel that gave the visitors a sense that the company was speedy, attentive, and up to date with the best technology. The site is easily navigable with simple outlines of service to give the message, “It is easy to do business with us”. After we launched, the client told us that we hit that mark.

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Case Study 2

What this website lacks in fancy design it makes up with functionality. This locally owned company came to Buzzbizz Creative with a complete rebranding project. After a brand facelift, the challenge was to keep intact the existing online ordering systems while keeping true to the brand’s new look. The solution was keeping the selection process within the new framework and adapting the checkout screens to look as close as possible to the new website. The client has been ecstatic with the results and never hesitates to send clients to his new website.

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Case Study 3

Staying on top of the child care industry in the Anchorage area was the top priority of Bright Beginnings Early Learning Center. This project was a redesign of a static site they had for years prior to being introduced to Buzzbizz Creative. Their goal was to outline the vast types of early learning they offer quickly and clearly. The project required a full rewrite of the old site’s content and the addition of video content. The icing on the cake was a custom integration of their twitter feed to their homepage that mirrored tweets of a holiday, event, and weather closures to a post-it graphic.

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Case Study 4

The ACLU came to us with an existing Joomla website. As much as we encourage most of our clients to rebuild sites in HTML5 to avoid getting tied down to a specific content management software, they insisted and we obliged. The challenge was to customize their unique Alaska message within a very stringent national foundation communication plan. The site married the national brand with a local fare that made our client very happy.

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Case Study 5

With the insurance of big box stores into small communities like Anchorage, native retailers must find ways to fluff their feathers and look much bigger than they are. If that means taking a page out of the competitor’s book, so be it. Party Craft updated their branding with Buzzbizz Creative and then launched a completely redesigned website that utilizes an overly simplified layout. This tactic helps the visitor to find what they are looking quickly, no matter what time of year it is.

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Other Mobile Responsive Websites We’ve Developed

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